After Action: High Ridge Elks Lodge

After Action Report No. 5
Date: 13 Sep 2014
Type: Living Hist.
Place: High Ridge Elks Lodge
Report filed by: Cpl Forrest, Travis M.

The annual High Ridge Elks event for the wheel chair veterans had a good turn out this year, with a handful of reenactors in attendance. From the 29th, we had Pvt Cameron Giertz, Pvt Dominic Stefl, and myself. The three of us got together and drove the jeep to the display. Displays ranging from the Korean War to modern day Iraq could be seen by the public. I have to give a hand to Dominic for his Desert Storm impression and Cameron for his USMC Fallujah impression. The guys looked sharp. As usual many veterans gathered for good food, good beer, and good company. All in all it was a great event. Many good times at the Elks.



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