After Action: Smartt Field Hangar Dance

After Action Report No. 3
Date: 20 Sep 2014
Type: Hangar Dance
Place: Smartt Field
Report filed by: Pvt Davidson, Dwight

On Saturday evening, 20 September 2014 at 1900 hours, seven members of Co. A attended the annual Commutative air force hangar dance at the St. Louis chapter’s location, Smartt Field, in rural St. Charles, Mo.

The members present were Tech Sergeant Travis Forrest, Pvts, Dominic Stefl, Bob Nixon, Matt Holden, Dwight Davidson and Josh Dedeke. Also present was Josh’s wife, Amanda Dedeke. Other members of Co. A wanted to attend but prior commitments; work, and temporary assignments elsewhere prevented them from doing so.

All men attending wore clean and correct World War II Class A uniforms, all ties were nicely knotted, all uniforms had their SSI on the appropriate shoulder. All had appropriate campaign ribbons and covers (one man had a nice service cap, the rest wore the common garrison or overseas cap). A couple men in particular, had excellent examples of elaborate “stitching” on their stripes and SSI patches. All in all, all members presented an excellent impression of a World War II GI out on the town.

It should be noted that Coy A was the only group at the dance. The other local groups, were nowhere to be seen, no doubt due to the conflicting Rockford, IL event held that same weekend.

This Pvt’s opinion of the dance itself is mixed. On the up side, big crowd, friendly staff and guests, perfect weather, three Impressive aircraft to examine, many attractive ladies, most in period correct evening wear, were of course, big pluses.
On the downside, most of the guys at the dance were not in any period clothing at all, either military or civilian, one fellow had a green lantern T- shirt, cargo shorts and flip flops; one exception was fellow re enactor AJ Lambright of the 2nd rangers he was decked out in navy blue pin stripe suit, sporting matching tie and handkerchief, two tone shoes and one bitchin fedora.

Also the band was not really on target, they took a lot of breaks, sound system was kind of poor, and they played “moonlight serenade” in the middle of their set. Any big band with the name “Sentimental Journey” should know better.

Despite these few shortcomings we all really enjoyed the evening. Many people commented on our uniforms, and noticed we all represented the same outfit. We represented the World War II GI with honor and dignity, with a little good natured fun thrown in.

No one drank too much or got too loud, we all found out that Bob and Travis were the lady-killers of the evening, but we knew that anyway. We all left at 2300 hours, looking forward to the next one.



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