After Action: MVPA USO Dance, St. Louis MO

After Action Report No. 7
Date: 18 Oct 2014
Type: USO Dance
Place: MVPA USO Dance
Report filed by: Pvt Williams, Peter

I attended the annual MVPA swing dance in addition to Bryan Carlin, Chase Adkins, Travis Forrest, Dominic Stefl, and Cameron Giertz. The main motivation for attending was to support the MVPA, as well as Butch and Tanya Baker, who have been the driving force behind the annual dance. The band (I believe they were “The Knights of Swing”) were pretty enjoyable, and overall I had a good time. As in the past, the event suffered from low turnout from the public. If I had to guess, I would suggest this is because of poor PR/social media promotion. Regardless of this, however, I still enjoyed myself, and watching the Carlins struggle to their vehicle under the weight of their auction winnings.



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