After Action: Stars & Stripes Bloomfield MO

After Action Report No. 6
Date: 17-18 Oct 2014
Type: Living Hist./Public Battle
Place: Stars & Stripes Museum
Report filed by: Sgt Adkins, Chase T.

On the night of 17 October 2014 Pvt Stefl and myself embarked on the long and arduous journey to the Stars and Stripes museum in Bloomfield, MO for the second annual “Welcome Home Stars and Stripes” event. We arrived at the event around 2230 that evening to find Pvt Williams in a good mood to say the least!! As we unpacked the car and settled in for the night we shared drinks and stories around a fire at the German camp. The next morning brought a beautiful cloudless, warm, sunny day… perfect for a living history display. The turnout this year was quite small, about 30 reenactors, but it didn’t detract from the overall atmosphere of the event. In attendance from the 29th were myself, Pvt Stefl, Pvt Williams, and Pfc Carlin. Overall the event went great! There was a good turnout from the public, the displays were great, the guest speaker Ben Fayner (a holocaust survivor) gave a memorable presentation, and the weapons demonstration was also pretty good with Pvt Stefl and Pfc Carlin giving demonstrations on the Browning 1919. Unfortunately we had to bug out early and make the trip back to St. Louis for the MVPA dance that evening.



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