After Action: Camden OH Tactical

After Action Report No. 8
Date: 25 Oct 2014
Type: Tactical Battle
Place: Camden, OH
Report filed by: Pvt Stefl & Pvt Giertz

Pvt Stefl

Our trip to Camden Ohio started out on the night of October 25th, at around 11pm. It was approximately a five hour drive. We arrived at 5am and registered around 06:30, then slept for a short time (around 50mins). As tired as we were, no one really showed it – we were all pumped for the day. Around 8 we began gearing up, and by 9 we were all ready. As we set off we were accompanied by a small 1st ID unit who helped us out throughout the day. Our first contact with the krauts was when we set off to take and defend two bridges. As the one was secure, we set to take the other, which was fortified by the krauts. The clashes at that bridge lasted the majority of the day. We eventfully pushed the Germans to their breaking point as they made their final pushes. The day was soon won. It was an amazing tactical, and from what I heard it was the last year for the event at the Boy Scout reservation. It it was my first tactical, and first year at the event. All in all it was an extremely fun event and if I could, I’d do it all over again.

Pvt Giertz

The tactical in Camden Ohio was a very fun experience and one of my favorite reenactments I’ve been to. The setting and scenery was perfect for fighting in a European forest during 1944, and nice weather was around for the weekend as well. Great group of guys I was with and enjoyable to be around. When the fighting got hot they knew what to do. I managed to take out a few krauts with the ol’ M1 during the battle. I’ll always remember when me, Pvt. Stefl, and Pfc. Carlin were trekking through the forest and Carlin took out a KubleWagen along with a couple of jerries staggering behind it with his greaser. Very notable tactical for me – thanks to all for who made it possible and providing transportation and arms. The only improvements I’d like to see is overnight camping along with longer combat time and more Axis troops to shoot at.



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