After Action: Eureka Training Day

After Action Report No. 10
Date: 28 Nov 2014
Type: Training Day
Place: Eureka, MO
Report filed by: Cpl Forrest Travis M., Pvt Giertz, Cameron & Pvt Stefl, Dominic

Cpl Forrest, Travis M.

The annual 116th training day was beautiful although there were hairy moments on the SMG. Kicking off at 1100 we had in attendance Pfc Carlin, Pvt Nixon, Pvt Holden, Sgt Larson, Pvt Geirtz, Pvt Steflstien, and Cpl Forrest. With a little heads up we jumped into class on the LMG M1919. After learning assisting Pfc Carlin on demonstrations and class we moved onto qualifications. Training with the BAR followed as then we moved to the Grease gun and Thompson. Over all the Pvts did well. No friendlies were shot and they all hit the target. The day turned warm and the ground thawed which made it a muddy mess. All in all, the event was a success. I would like to add Matt looks good since he passed on.

 Pvt Stefl, Dominic

This was my first ever training day with the 29th, and besides having an extreme amount of fun, and firing several new weapons, I learned quite a bit of new information that I did not know before. The training day consisted of a Beefing first thing to get us a little familiar with what we were doing, and give us a little more knowledge on what we were to do, and what an actual Joe would of been required to know to operate those weapons. After the briefing we jumped in, the first weapon we fired was the M1919 .30 cal, second was the B.A.R., third was the M1A1 Thompson, fourth up was the M3 grease gun, and finally the Colt M1911. All of these weapons were new to me, but by the end of the day I had learned how to operate all of them, and had a ton of fun!

Pvt Giertz, Cameron

The live-fire training day was an amazing experience at its best. I had the chance to shoot some very iconic weapons for the first time. I learned a lot of new things – how to operate all these weapon systems and some basic info on tactics and what not. My favorite weapon to fire was the M1919 along with the Thompson M1A1 and M3 submachine gun. All were very enjoyable to shoot and I’m grateful for getting the chance to do so. Thank you to all involved in making this opportunity happen I had a great time and look forward to getting together again with the unit.



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