After Action: Wendell Ford Tactical

After Action Report No. 11
Date: 6 Dec, 2014
Type: Tactical Battle
Place: Wendall Ford Center, Greenville KY
Report filed by: Pfc Hite, Ryan D.

In the early morning hours of Saturday, December 6th, Pfc Carlin, Pvt Davidson, and I started the few hour trip down to Western Kentucky.  We arrived at the Wendell T. Ford Kentucky National Guard training center shortly before the 0600 registration hour. After greeting and registration all around, Carlin and Davidson and I walked up the street to the chow hall for a hot breakfast.  Let me tell you – between the barracks and the hot breakfast these guys have a pretty sweet setup.  At 0800 both allied and axis mounted up and headed for the fields.  Over the next eight or nine hours we ran three separate skirmishes. There were about 35-40 GIs, a couple Brits, and probably close to 60 Germans. Overall, the planning for these situations was pretty good. Each skirmish, Allies or Axis would defend a piece of ground against the other’s secret advances. And with the massive space available to us, it was quite easy to sneak up on each other in unexpected places. It was nice to see pretty much everyone taking their hits and playing an honorably, though it was very hard at times to see or discern who was shooting at who in the thicket we were fighting through.  The terrain, as a whole, though was fantastic! Everything from trees and woods, to hills and gullies, to a pine forest.  Probably one of the closest experiences to a German pine forest that I’ve ever seen!  The terrain was great for all our situations.  Overall, this was a great tactical event.  I know at least for our guys we had a blast throughout the day – lots of laughter and good stories and more ammunition expended than usual! On the trip home that night we easily agreed this was a well above average tactical. We are looking forward to going again next year, hopefully with even more folks on both sides.



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