After Action: VBOB Banquet

After Action Report No. 12
Date: 16 DEC 2014
Type: Reunion
Place: VBOB Annual Banquet
Report filed by: Sgt Adkins, Chase T.

On the morning of 16 December I arrived at the Royal Orleans Banquet Hall for the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge banquet hosted by the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge Association (VBOB) St. Louis Chapter. On my way there I was worried and elated at the same time; worried that that the turn out would much smaller this year as time whittles away at these great men and women. However my elation far surpassed my worry, as I was about to see several people that I thoroughly enjoy spending time with.

When I arrived, as expected, the turnout was noticeably smaller than in previous years. The opening ceremonies were great, with a speech by Dr. John McManus of Rolla S&T, and some news and updates pertaining to the VBOB. Then the mood changed to a more somber one when they read off the roll of members who have passed followed by taps.

While waiting for the luncheon to begin I called up SFC Kevin Williams from the 307th TPC, to see if he would like to join us for lunch and meet some of the veterans, he agreed and brought a few others with him. Lunch went well with more speeches and awards and some much needed small talk between everyone.
All in all the event turned out great, we had lunch with some incredibly remarkable men, such as Clarence Goldsmith (Captain 82nd Airborne WWII), Charlie Ryan (2nd Ranger Bn WWII), and a few others. Also a warm thank you to George DeSpotes for again helping to ensure that some of these guys could be there.

VBOB Banquet




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