Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQ: How do I contact you?

ANSWER: Send us an email through the form below!

FAQ: Is membership in the 116th Infantry Regiment, Reenacted exclusive?

ANSWER: The 116th is not an “invitation only” unit. Anyone who is interested in our hobby can request information concerning joining. However, we are a select unit, and we will maintain authenticity standards regarding our members. Regrettably, not everyone will meet the requirements set forth by our unit.

FAQ: What is the fee for joining the 116th Infantry Regiment, Reenacted?

ANSWER: As of right now, there is no fee to join the unit, other than the yearly fee to join HRS ($15/year).

FAQ: As a member do you have to supply your own uniform, gear, and weapon?


FAQ: As a member, is there a mandatory number of reenactments/events I would be required to attend?

ANSWER: No, reenacting is a voluntary hobby. However, our members are encouraged to participate as often as possible.