Upcoming Events

Events the 116th will be attending: 

Public Events:

24-26 April 2015  WWII Weekend Jefferson Barracks.  St. Louis, MO

Tactical Events:

7 March 2015  River Battle.  Prarie Du Rocher, IL
13-15 March 2015  MTO Event.  Springfield, MO
21 March, 2015  Camp Siman (Tactical & Swap Meet).  Tiff, MO
27-29 March 2015  WELDONKRIEG.  St. Charles, MO
4 April 2015  Knob Creek WWII Tactical.  West Point, KY

Past events:

*7 January, 2015  Battle of the Bulge.  Nevada, MO
*13 December, 2014  Battle of the Bulge.  Peoria, IL
*6 December, 2014  Race to the Rhine: Part II.  Greenville, KY
*16-19 October, 2014   Stars & Stripes Remembers WWII and Korea.  Bloomfield, MO
*24-26 October, 2014   Camden WWII Fall Battle.  Camden, OH
*20 September, 2014   Smartt Field Hangar Dance.  Portage Des Sioux, MO
*18-21 September, 2014   Rockford Midway Village & Museum.  Rockford IL
*22-23 August, 2014   D-Day Ohio.  Conneaut, OH


For a full list of WWII Living History events across the country, visit 20th Century GI.